wholesale case study

single roaster cafe

As a single roaster cafe, BREW knows the importance of partnering with a roaster that can deliver quality beans they can rely on...every single time.


"When I opened our little boutique, Due South, I knew I wanted to serve the best coffee around because I knew I already had the best sweet tea! (Ha!) When we decided to launch our tea and coffee bar that is attached to our little shop and real estate office, I knew exactly who should roast our beans. Even with their shop being right down the way, I knew our success depended on serving the very best roasted beans out there and Otis did not disappoint. We have no complaints about our coffee because we serve the best out there! We only have positive feedback regarding our espresso and the drinks we serve.  Thank you, Cody, Jake, and the rest of the Otis team that I have come to love over the years!  I am honored to serve this amazing roast!”

--Noel Devries, Owner