Yama Glass French Press

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This 6 Cup French Press from Yama Glass is perfect for brewing coffee or tea. Modern and elegant, this sophisticated french press is simple and easy to use. Made with hand blown borosilicate glass, these brewers are heat resistant and easy to clean. We take pride in delivering the best coffee experience possible. YAMA is a responsible and green manufacturer that exudes beauty and unmatched craftsmanship.

  • YAMA Glass French Press will unlock your coffee’s potential with this unique, easy-to-use design that delivers the perfect cup of coffee every time
  • Premium borosilicate glass is thicker, stronger, and non-porous
  • A specially designed filter screen ensures you brew a perfect, bold, ground-free coffee each and every time
  • Perfect for brewing both coffee and tea
  • 30 oz capacity is great for personal brews or for the whole family -- brews up to six 5 oz servings
  • Features a stainless steel frame with cool touch handle for safe and easy serving
Yama Glass French Press - OTIS Craft Collective
Yama Glass French Press - OTIS Craft Collective

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