Hand Thrown Coffee Mug (Cane)

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Fenway & OTIS are quickly becoming one of those classic duos known and loved by all. Think: peanut butter & jelly, France & pastries, Lucy & Ricky. You get the point. Our take on classic pairings resulted in these beautiful, limited-edition hand thrown coffee mugs, in 4 different OTIS-inspired colorways. Sean VanderVliet, founder of Fenway Clayworks & our creative-in-residence this month, put his heart and soul into throwing these brilliant drinkware pieces that embody so many of the things we love here at OTIS: attention to detail, passion, and functional aesthetic. And every one of these elements shine through in each mug that Sean handmade for us. He created a limited run of ONLY 40 of these charming mugs so get 'em while the gettin’s good!

Matching handcrafted coffee dripper in photo sold separately

Color: Cane