A Lead Barista provides enthusiastic guidance & leadership for the OTIS Cafe Service Team, working in close collaboration with them to deliver outstanding coffee, cocktails, and provisions with service that always leaves customers smiling and excited for their next visit. Of all the duties & responsibilities this position holds, setting the tone for all other baristas & leading by example every time they step behind the OTIS Cafe bar is of the greatest importance.


The OTIS Craft Collective is dedicated to serving up quality coffee with a warm smile and an invitation to learn more about the process of crafting great coffee, from bean to cup. We encourage a lifestyle that is modeled after the values, the skills, and the wisdom shared with each of us by our own grandparents and other teachers who have had a profound impact on our lives. Our commitment will always be to Crafting, to Connecting, and to Carrying On the legacies of those before us…


Our ideal Lead Barista is passionate about coffee, loves the process(es) necessary for handcrafting anything, and gets excited about serving others in their own warm & inviting way. You’re also a person who gets excited about teaching others and working closely with them to operate effectively & efficiently as a team in a high-energy environment. Those who know you well often describe you as highly motivated, with a drive to succeed in the pursuit of your passions.


* Train and frequently refresh OTIS baristas on the style & quality of drinks, food, and hospitality that we are known for providing our guests and ensure that each member of our barista team consistently meets those standards.

* Routinely offer both re-affirming and constructive feedback to baristas on the quality and consistency of drink preparation, food preparation, cleanliness, relaxed professionalism, and customer service.

* Assist the Shopkeeper in overall cafe management by taking the lead in a variety of menu curation, training, and logistical responsibilities, as delegated by the Shopkeeper.

* Be knowledgeable on every new rotation of coffee offerings (attributes, preparation) through cuppings and coordinated training with OTIS’ Head Roaster.

* Be educated on all other OTIS food & beverage offerings (attributes, ingredients, preparation) through coordinated training with the Shopkeeper and detailed product information sheets.

* Promote a spirit of inclusivity and teamwork among all team members in our cafe.

* Contribute to, and help foster, a workplace & cafe culture that exemplifies the values and ideals of OTIS, where customers feel welcomed and appreciated and that they are the focal point of each and every visit.


* A strong knowledge of, background in, and experience with coffee preparation, bar management, and hospitality service

* A positive attitude that is both felt & seen by our customers & all members of the OTIS team

* The ability to lead successfully and communicate clearly, honestly, and promptly

* Able to use all available resources to adequately answer questions and solve problems

* Flexible, with the ability to multi-task in a highly demanding, stressful environment

* Calm and level-headed demeanor, even when things are busy

* A flexible schedule and available to work weekends

employment type: Full-time (35-40 hours/week) // location: Lafayette, CO